BewhY, 『The Movie Star』

written by. coloringCYAN

Jclef, 「mama, see」

written by. coloringCYAN

E SENS, 「CLOCK」 (feat. 김심야)

written by. coloringCYAN

『스피릿선발대』에 관한 생각들

written by. 조지환

쏜애플, 『계몽』

written by. coloringCYAN

CYAN`s List of 2018 : 2018 국외 베스트 앨범 50

written by. coloringCYAN

유래, 『YR-TV』

written by. 조지환

백현, 『City Lights – The 1st Mini Album』

written by. Purfle

CYAN`s List of 2018 : 2018 국내 베스트 앨범 20

written by. coloringCYAN

So!YoON!(황소윤), 『So!YoON!』

written by. coloringCYAN

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